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Marietta College Baseball (Marietta, Ohio)
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Marietta Baseball Camps

2018 Summer Day Camp

Campers will be instructed and drilled on the fundamentals needed to become a complete baseball player.

Among the skills and fundamentals emphasized: 

• Hitting
• Bunting
• Base Running
• Sliding
• Fielding
• Pitching
• Catching
• Throwing
• Outfield Play
• Infield Play
• Double Play
• Strength
• Stretching
July 9th - 11th
Ages:  8 - 14
Cost:  $125
*Includes tuition, a camp t-shirt,
and individual evaulation.

Check-in:  9:30 AM - 10:00 AM at Don Schaly Stadium

Daily Arrival and Departure:  Campers must be at Don Schaly Stadium at 9:30 AM each day. Parents should make provisions to pick up the campers at 4:00 PM each day.

Lunch:  All campers should bring a sack lunch each day. Pop will be available for purchase.